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Airdrop Name: Metamask

Plan: 5 accounts

Cost: $150

Add Liquidity

Cost summary

Approximate calculation of gas costs as estimated by the platform.

0.44 ETH




~ $3000

Switch to Ethereum
Prepare wallets for airdrops just in a few steps!
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Success 🎉
1. Select a project
Select a project (card) to participate in the desire numbers of accounts.
Deposit the platform to buy cards
2. Replenish liquidity to accounts
  • Go to:
  • 1. Details
  • 2. Initial action
  • 3. Cost Summary
  • 4. Sign Initial Transaction
  • 5. Distribute the funds
The Liquidity Funds must be on your web3 wallet account Metamask, OKX Wallet, Trust Wallet etc.
3. Wallet storage
Download the JSON file and save it in a safe place on a cold drive or USB. Remember. You are responsible for keeping your JSON safe.
Do not disclose or show your seed phrases to anyone.
4. Service operation
After replenishing wallets with liquidity, you will see the inscription
"Everything is fine. Expect a circle".
After that, the service will start its work. , and opposite each step, as transactions are completed, links to the explorer will appear in the interface.
5. Transaction tracking status
  • 1. Go to the signed product card
  • 2. Click "Initial actions"
  • 3. After "Details"
  • Go to the signed product card
  • Click "Initial actions"
  • After "Details"
In the table you will see all transactions performed by the service with links to the explorer.
In the table you will see all transactions performed by the service with links to the explorer.
6. Waiting for work
Stay tuned for updates and follow us on our social media channels.
Be sure to follow Telegram and Twitter
When a project be ready to distribute tokens the button
“Claim your Airdrop”
will become clickable