This project is beta. DYOR


Hunters, now the spots on the Grass card are being updated every hour, and at the moment, 545 accounts have been purchased.

The spots are getting fewer, don't miss the chance to claim the Grass drop.

💰 How to buy a card?

1. Go to the platform
2. Connect your wallet (Button in the top right corner)
3. Choose the project and the number of accounts to subscribe to
4. Click on "Deposit"
5. Enter the required amount
6. Choose the project and the number of accounts
7. Click on "Buy"

You can learn more about the project in this post, and I remind you that the points are already trading on the Whales Market, and they are being actively bought up.


How to use support?

Hunters! For any questions regarding the operation of the platform, you can contact the support right inside the site, working 24/7!

However, some people don’t know about this and they have questions: “where is the support?”, “where should I write?”

Step by step plan:
1) Go to the AirdropHunter dapp
2) Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the page
3) In the drop-down menu, click “Support”
4) Fill out the form and leave a contact for communication (preferably TG or Email)
5) Click “Send”
6) The message will be sent and the inscription will notify you about it.

Your message has been received! The AirdropHunter team will review it within 24 hours



There's a high likelihood that these points will serve as criteria for a drop from Rabby Wallet and DeBank.

Rabby Wallet is an EVM network wallet created by the Debank team. The wallet is a direct competitor to Metamask, and many are switching from one to the other due to the ability to receive notifications, reasonable fees for swaps within the wallet, the ability to revoke approvals, and a more.

We also recommend maximizing potential profits by performing this activity with multiple accounts, which AirdropHunter can assist you with!

AirdropHunter’s NEWS

The new 3rd circle of zkSync!

Elixir is a decentralized protocol that provides full interoperability for integrations by providing computationally secure, algorithmic market-making on CEX and DEX.
Read more
Developer of a non-fungible token minting software designed to enhance minting standards and secure cryptocurrency mining. The company's decentralized and encrypted ledger offers hosted cryptocurrency mining services and provides counterfeit prevention, carbon offsetting, and secure smart contracts, also offers permanent non-fungible token metadata storage, continuous royalties, and copyright registrations, enabling individuals to mine and trade in digital currency.
On artificial AI:
expected airdrop
$500 - $5 000
65 %
Cost, $

If you developer click the button and submit form
Shardeum is a linearly scalable EVM-based smart contract platform.
Read more
Shardeum is a linearly scalable EVM-based smart contract platform that keeps gas fees low forever while maintaining true decentralization and robust security through dynamic state segmentation. It aims to become a network capable of attracting over a billion people to blockchain and the crypto revolution.

Shardeum will be the infrastructure on which the next iteration of the Internet, Web3, will be built.

Shardeum`s funders:
Nishal Shetty is the founder and CEO of WazirX - India`s largest crypto exchange with 12+ million users, an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building and scaling global products India. Nischal also founded Crowdfire, a web service social media management service with a user base of more than 20 million in the past. Previous successes have landed him to Forbes`: "30 Under 30" list.

Omar Sayed is the second founder, a blockchain architect who organized the Shardus project in 2017 to build a linearly scalable blockchain.building and scaling global products. Over the past three decades, Omar has helped large organizations such as NASA, Yahoo, and Zynga that build scalable, fault-tolerant distributed systems.
On artificial AI:
expected airdrop
$500 - $5 000
65 %
Cost, $

If you developer click the button and submit form


Airdrop Name: Metamask

Plan: 5 accounts

Cost: $150

Add Liquidity

Cost summary

Approximate calculation of gas costs as estimated by the platform.

0.44 ETH




~ $3000

Switch to Ethereum
Prepare wallets for airdrops just in a few steps!
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Success 🎉
1. Select a project
Select a project (card) to participate in the desire numbers of accounts.
Deposit the platform to buy cards
2. Replenish liquidity to accounts
  • Go to:
  • 1. Details
  • 2. Initial action
  • 3. Cost Summary
  • 4. Sign Initial Transaction
  • 5. Distribute the funds
The Liquidity Funds must be on your web3 wallet account Metamask, OKX Wallet, Trust Wallet etc.
3. Wallet storage
Download the JSON file and save it in a safe place on a cold drive or USB. Remember. You are responsible for keeping your JSON safe.
Do not disclose or show your seed phrases to anyone.
4. Service operation
After replenishing wallets with liquidity, you will see the inscription
"Everything is fine. Expect a circle".
After that, the service will start its work. , and opposite each step, as transactions are completed, links to the explorer will appear in the interface.
5. Transaction tracking status
  • 1. Go to the signed product card
  • 2. Click "Initial actions"
  • 3. After "Details"
  • Go to the signed product card
  • Click "Initial actions"
  • After "Details"
In the table you will see all transactions performed by the service with links to the explorer.
In the table you will see all transactions performed by the service with links to the explorer.
6. Waiting for work
Stay tuned for updates and follow us on our social media channels.
Be sure to follow Telegram and Twitter
When a project be ready to distribute tokens the button
“Claim your Airdrop”
will become clickable